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Friday, January 1, 2016

Power of Diversity

For Christmas, I received the book Jim Henson and Philosophy: Imagination and the Magic of Mayhem. In the early chapter, "Muppets, Monsters, and Misfits" I found some wonderful reasoning by Jim Henson for promoting diversity in our society (a society seemingly rebelling against diversity and demanding conformity in worryingly large numbers). Let me quote for your consideration:

Jim Henson's productions promote diversity in society for three basic reasons. First, diversity makes life more interesting, unpredictable, and enjoyable. Second, diversity allows us to ensure that we are not excluding people unjustly from our communities. Third, including a diversity of voices is more likely to result in a productive conversation. For all these reasons, Henson's philosophy of diversity requires that we recognize that it is good when we are different from those around us, and when society contains within it many different people.

In 2016, let's work for that increased diversity. Let's look for all the color that comes from different ideas, perspectives, and experiences shared civilly that make our world more interesting, inclusive, and productive. Let's stop demanding black and white, with us or against us responses from others. Let's stop choosing sides and creating division which leads to violence and fear. In essence, let's be more like Muppets. 

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