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Friday, January 1, 2016

Walking Neighborhoods Brings Surprises

It pays to get out and about on foot with an active curiosity. Walking through neighborhoods brings out details readily missed during any drive by experience. For instance, in one historical community I walked recently (magnificent architecture in many homes across many decades by the way) I came across one family with a small flock of hens. Hens are curious creatures by nature and were as interested in meeting me as I was in meeting them. Further down another street, I came across this "Cow House," well known in the neighborhood. Aside from the black and white paint job around the base and railings, all other cow features were attached to railings and protrusions in easily removable fashion sure not to devalue an old house (quite clever). I understand people who find the house have been prone to "drive by mooings!"

In other neighborhoods, I've discovered things were not as they seemed. Large and stately homes that looked like individual residences of the well-to-do were actually broken up into apartments. This was not evident driving past, but on foot the many mailboxes were quickly apparent. I highly recommend this exercise in your area. Who knows what you'll discover?  

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