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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Anxiety Leads to Danger

Anxiety, defined as emotional pain, can be a good thing. It can act as a natural wake up call, yelling at us to move ahead, to change, to innovate. However, if it reaches a fever pitch, as it has now in many parts of the world, it moves beyond the wake up call. Instead it devolves humanity, reducing us to our base instincts, creating in us an angry, reflex instead of an innovative response. Even worse, once we reach that fever pitch, anxiety becomes a way of life. Creativity goes out the window. The ability to innovate and move ahead together is lost. It becomes an everyone for himself/herself world.

Highly anxious people respond to situations with yes/no, either/or, black and white thinking. Discernment is lost. It becomes an us vs. them world. Violence (physical or psychological) will arise as a result. Blame and criticism bloom, often falsely, toward both leaders and the weak, especially the weak. Different people become persecuted people. People die.

To end this vicious cycle, people must realize it is happening. Folks, it is happening all over the world. It is easily seen in the presidential debates. When it happens, the ability to change is lost. As long as it is boiling ahead at a fever pitch, nothing can be "made great." A great deal can, however, be lost.

To free yourself from this anxiety disease at its highest, define yourself (state for others who you are and where you stand). Do not be easily rattled by others negative reactions towards you. Stand firm in your beliefs. Take care of yourself, be resourceful, think creatively, look for imaginative solutions to problems, by thoughtful instead of reactive, see the world in all its complexity and all the shades of gray, refuse to stoop to us vs. them thinking, think things through, be deliberate, be responsible for your own actions (don't blame others), relax, collaborate with others (no matter how smart alone, we are better together), remain objective, have purpose in your work, be open to options as they arise and work with others toward a common goal. Do not try to please everyone. You can't, particularly not in this climate.

Good luck.

Based on the writings of Peter L. Steinke

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