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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Journaling to Capture and Recapture

Memory is a tricky thing. All too often we remember the worst experiences vividly while the positive drifts away into the haze over time. Precious moments escape us. Positive experiences flee our thoughts. Then, when truly difficult times come we are totally disarmed with no reserves to fall back upon.

For this reason, I'm going to begin journaling for myself. This is not material I will share, but strength I will keep in the background against the dark days ahead, or the dark nights of the soul. I wish to retain some of the shining moments as they occur. I wish to store away the gratitude I feel daily for the uplifting experiences. I hope to keep the hard won experiences on paper if not in mind, so that I might reach back to them in times of need.

A professional storyteller gave me another reason for keeping a journal, and this I will pass along to you. He tells wonderful stories of his childhood. He states that keeping a journal of his early life, working on it regularly, coaxes details out of memory that he thought were long gone. He stated one should start with a person or a place of meaning to you and begin to describe that person or place. Begin to fill in the details of what it felt like to be with that person or in that place. Over time, lots of little details will begin to emerge and stories will come forth, stories worth recapturing and relating.

For these reasons, I intend to start journaling. I hope you will give it some thought too. Not for future publication, not for any other purpose than to capture the moments for yourself and/or to bring back the better aspects of the life you've lived. I believe it will be rewarding if persistently pursued. It'll be work, but I believe it will lead to joy. Care to join me in this experiment and see where it leads? 

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