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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Rediscovering Bowling

Bowling, that age old game with alleys that seem to be a holdover from the 1950s, has magic to it. I used to play as a kid, and as a young adult. I have a ball, shoes, and a wrist support. All of this gear has been languishing in a closet for years as I took care of family business and a career change. The other day, I dusted off the old gear and decided to see if I still liked bowling. I did not expect what happened.

I got to the local bowling palace, walking in the door and was hit by sensory nostalgia. The look of the place, the colors, the lights, were not what caught my attention first. It was the sound and the smell of the place. I can't describe the smell. It just is. Go and see for yourself. But the sound, heavy balls on wooden floors, the clatter of pins struck and pins reset, the laughter of bowlers enjoying themselves. How had I forgotten about all that. It was a kind of magic.

I bowled two games. I intend to bowl a great many more. It doesn't cost much. I love the computers that keep score for you now. No calculations, no remembering what rule applies, just pure pleasure of aiming for and (hopefully) knocking down pins.

Give it a shot, or go soak up the nostalgia from your own childhood. It's great.

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