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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Sloggin' Thru Blogging: How Do You Know When the Blog Is Over?

Sometimes you just reach a point where you have to ask yourself when a project has reached its end. It's been fun. It's been a great creative outlet. It's broken lots of blogging rules ... because that's what I wanted to do. But, when is it done? When is J.S. Brooks Presents over?

Since coming into an all-consuming new career, the number of posts has dropped markedly in the last two years. My interests and concentration has been elsewhere.

The numbers have never been high ... or anywhere near average, not really.

Am I a zombie blogger? Brains!
I discovered today the platform I'm using is considered all but dead in the business world (is this a zombie blog?).

The blog's original purpose is passed. It's new purpose has moved on with limited success.

So, do I stay or do I go?

If I go, where? To just stop altogether seems dangerous. That would be letting my current career eat up another portion of my life, some time away from work that I need to respect and protect. To blog again, focus and a new platform will be required. Some research will be needed.

Additionally, it'll be more work. With focus on one topic of interest (to others more than myself alone), lots or research will be required. Do I have the time? I don't know. I have the skills. Research is what I do. Writing is a big part of my life.

If I blog again what will be the main focus? Or will it have to be several blogs with several specific topics to cover my range of interests? If one focus, how to choose that one? Do I go with my passion or make a business choice? Are they really two different decisions?

If I blog again, do I pull the material related to that topic from this blog and use that material as seed text for the new blog? If so, how do I make it clear it is me again and not someone stealing my J.S. Brooks Presents material? Would anyone know, recognize the material, or care?

I guess I'll start by rereading some of those articles I posted on the top blogs of 2015, seeking inspiration and guidance. Who know what I'll find?

Perhaps it's time to hang up the blog and get back to writing articles and books for the professional market? Perhaps this blog is just a big distraction from that aspect of my life? Or, maybe, just maybe, it's a lifeline in the midst of all the stress of the new career. This morning I've passed a couple of really enjoyable hours writing articles here. Can I give that up? Should I? If so, what do you do with a finished blog???

Decisions, decisions. It's hard to walk away from something you've spent a few years building. But maybe it's truly time? Lots of questions and no answers right now.

Dare I ask you readers out there? No, that just sounds pitiful. I'll let you know when I know. Blogging has been fun. I'll have to see if it still has a place in my life. Is blogging over? Is J.S. Brooks Presents done? Stay tuned.

Addendum: Just stumbled across my ranking from URL METRICS: Phew! Then again, this is no business proposition, really. Still, makes me think.

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