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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Twelve Top Blog Site Lists of 2015

Here we go again.

1. Well, the first article is discouraging for the likes of me. It wrote the obituary for both Blogger and Google+. Hmmm. I have some thinking to do. For the best platforms to begin a blog (or begin again), see:

2. For the 100 best blogs and websites, see that article by Dailytekk: You can pick up on 2016s early successes as well.

3. The Webby Awards winners are ...:

4. eBizMBA has their own ideas:

5. For personal development, try the State of Happiness's list:

6. Try Fathom's list for travel blogs:

7. Look to Social Media Examiner's list for the top social media blog sites:

8. 50 Leading Leadership Blog Sites (count 'em, 50) from Ready to Manage:

9. If food, fitness, and happiness are your things, try Greatist's list:

10. Refinery will give you their ideas on the best beauty blogs:

Now for the bonus round, two more:

11. For nerds, seek out the Computer World article:

12. Games Radar will give you many great blogs for movie lovers:

There you have it. The best blogs of 2015 in many categories.

For the best blogs of 2014, see:

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