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Monday, March 28, 2016

Animals Attacking Drones: We've Finally Done It!

We humans have reached our pinnacle of annoyance. Every animal, bird, and reptile HATES our drones. Those noisy, nosy hovering nuisances spying on every creature under the sun have put the natural world in revolt. They have turned against these high tech paparazzi run by remote control peeping toms and are fighting back. Chimps are plotting against those aggravating frequent fliers, arming themselves with handy sticks to swat the nuisances out of the sky. Birds bomb them. Animals and reptiles leap at them in abject hatred. Rams ... um ... ram them, yeah, ram them down. And when the controller comes to recover the dropped drone, one ram, upon seeing who was behind the robot that had interrupted his lunch, took after the controller too. From the look of him, you can just about hear him snarling RUDE over and over again as he tries to batter the controller.

We may want to put aside this technology before the natural world rises up in revolt against us and our intrusive aerial miscreants. It might be the only thing that saves us. Congratulations to the human race. We've finally done it. We've developed a technology that enrages every other inhabitant of this globe of ours. Better get ready to run ...

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