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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Experience the Movie Tavern

We went to the Movie Tavern today for the first time. I highly recommend the experience.

You need to plan ahead for a visit. Tickets need to be reserved in advance, so it's not a spur of the moment decision. It is however a great date night location. The look of the place is casual elegance. Soft, ornate lighting fills the theater space. Within the theaters you find yourself seated into cushy black reclining chairs (there is a button on the left arm rest. Push the front of the button (facing the movie screen) and the recliner leans back, raising the foot rest on an electric drive. In front of you is a tray that moves in front of your lap for your meal. There is a call button on that tray that will bring one of the staff throughout the show to take any additional order you choose to place.

On entering the theater, each member of your party is given a menu to review. You'll find appetizers, meals, and desserts at your fingertips. There's drinks, both alcoholic and non, for your consideration as well. Being mid-afternoon I limited myself to the brownie with vanilla ice cream, fudge sauce, and whipped cream. Virtuous, ain't I?

The movie screen is large and curved, giving you a great view, even from the top back row where we were sitting.

The Movie Tavern is a popular place, so order your tickets early. It is more expensive than your average trip to the movies, but worth it. The food available is much better than what you'd find at the snack bar at the average theater.

The prices are not terribly steep for the food. In fact, context is everything. We overheard a woman from New York City who was raving at how cheap the menu prices were in our neck of the woods.

Give yourself a treat and head over to see a show at the Movie Tavern. Enjoy the show in style. And hey, on date night, you don't have to go to two separate establishment. Eat, drink, and watch movies all at once. Perfect! 

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