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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Experience with Non-gendered Toilets, 1980s

Why such ignorance? WHY?!?
On a college trip to London, with a three week trip through Europe at its end, we students from Indiana encountered a non-gender specific (or uni-sex) public restroom in Belgium. Upon entering, we immediately noticed the difference. Every urinal had bat-wing doors and partition walls for privacy. Every toilet was walled with locking doors. There was no fuss about the situation. There were no sexual assaults there. Everyone was calm, collected, and mature. No one was discriminated against. No one was ogled. No one received any unwanted attention of any sort.

North Carolina's conservative legislators may want to do a little international travel, visit a few public restrooms and see how adults get the job done. Then they could stop screaming about the dangers to their women from transgendered people in the bathroom. Get a grip and grow up folks. The rest of the country is watching, and most of us are just plain embarrassed by you.

Take a little advice from the public speaking world, legislators. If a speaker obsesses about a subject, like people being attacked in public restrooms, it is considered likely that the speaking obsessing has a personal problem with this issue him- or herself. So, conservative legislators, who are you afraid is really going to be stalking the bathrooms? Is it you????

See this post for an indictment of the North Carolina bill and the bigotry behind it:

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