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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Keep in Touch with US Congress People and Senators

In these divisive times it is more important than ever to keep in touch with the Congress people and Senators who represent you (or are supposed to represent you and me). It is all too easy for them to live in an isolated bubble, surrounded by handlers, colleagues, party officials, and special interest representatives. They need to hear from us directly and in numbers, especially when the "common wisdom" seems to be that obstructionism is best and compromise is failure. Please feel free to, politely, let them know that such is not the case ... or support them if you feel it is the case. The important thing is to let them hear from us regularly.

To get in touch, check out this site:
Also of use are: and
Here you'll be able to navigate yourself to the proper individual's page. There is much talk these days about getting Senators to do their jobs. In this fractious democracy, we must do our jobs as well. Good luck.

Of course, if you really want to startle them ... write an old fashioned, hand written letter!

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