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Monday, March 28, 2016

Mirror Mirror: Political Hostility: The Five Minute Response

Facebook has a lot of uses. I discovered one that I hadn't bargained for.

I am going to admit that I despised the George W. Bush administration. The way the man "won" the elections, the way he felt about just about anything, the paranoid atmosphere he created across the country, where every critique had to be followed with the line, "but of course I support our military" in order not to be considered a traitor. I hated it all. I couldn't listen to the man's speeches. He made me seethe.

Now I have spent nearly 8 years watching some Republican friends seethe over the Barack Obama administration. Their anger has become so annoying to me that in a couple cases I've blocked their feeds so I don't have to see their visceral anger, the same anger I had for the previous administration.

I've seen this from both sides now. It's making me stop and think a bit in this highly charged political season. It truly is time to stop throwing up barriers against each other and see what we have in common, see where we can work together for peace, justice, and equality instead of partisan hatred fueled by propaganda and the us vs. them mentality. I know I didn't feel good during the Bush administration, feeling largely voiceless and powerless, stewing in a powerless rage. I know my Republican friends haven't felt good for 8 years either, some of them. I can't believe many of them feel good now about what has come of impotent rage and propaganda however.

How might we learn to turn this thing around together? Can we? Or will we let the grand experiment that is the United States of America continue to splinter into ever smaller snarling interest groups and hate-based organizations until the nation shatters completely, perhaps violently?

And that's the five minute response ... sixteen years in the making.

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