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Monday, March 28, 2016

Signs It's Time to Leave a Job

Jobs can be precarious things these days for many, hard to obtain and easy to lose. People are often reluctant to leave the certainty of the known for the unknown. However, there are times when one must plan a way to exit a job when that workplace becomes hell.

Here are a few indicators it is time to move on:

  1. The boss rules by terror. Abuse is the name of this game. There is a hair trigger on the man or woman at the top and they don't care who they hurt when they are upset. Dressing downs are done in public, use abusive language, and are intended as a threat to all who hear them, "This could be you next." 
  2. The boss takes all the credit and accepts none of the blame: this character accepts all the accolades, even when the work was accomplished by a team under his/her leadership. This individual is Teflon-coated when things go wrong and ready to throw anyone and everyone working for him/her under the bus to avoid taking responsibility. 
  3. The law of the jungle rules in the workplace: only the strong survive, often by preying on the weak, setting folks they can't ally with up for failure.
  4. Cry rooms are known to exist where workers go when the abuse reaches such a high level even the strongest people are reduced to tears. 
  5. When workers are afraid to speak up for fear of responses from above (see #1, 2, & 3) and reprisals.
  6. When the culture of the place leads workers to believe they are lucky to have this job and nobody would take them anywhere else, so shut up and get back to work.
  7. A workplace where raises and promotions have not been forthcoming for years and where bosses/owners no longer even make excuses for why they are and will not happen in the foreseeable future. 
  8. Where people stay on, working until they no longer can, because there has been no way to save for any sort of decent retirement. 
  9. A workplace where owners flaunt their wealth while doing little to raise up those who work for them. There are a whole bunch of mega-stores and at least one restaurant chain that fall into this camp. 
  10. A workplace that snarls at anyone missing work due to sickness or accident. This culture believes that if you are breathing, you need to be at your desk, no excuses, no exceptions. 
If any or all of these conditions prevail at your workplace, it is time to start planning how and when you will move on. That plan may take some time and some extra training to unfold, perhaps a career change, but it needs to be done. No one should tolerate an abusive workplace. No one should be made to feel they are not capable of doing better. Don't fall into these traps. Work takes up much of our lives. Don't suffer abuse during so many of your waking hours. We all only live once and our lives are precious. 

Good luck.

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