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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Violence Applauded in Today's Politics NOT Okay

Christina Embree tells the truth in the powerful post. We cannot sanction the violence and violent language erupting around the political campaigns today. They are perverting the minds of children. They are perverting the minds of many adults as well. Christina has given all pastors, and everyone concerned with justice and ending violence, a wonderful way to deal with the angry rhetoric and actions threatening to drop the United States into a state of fascistic turmoil. I strongly recommend this blog post to everyone and ask all to consider carefully.

In our neck of the woods, her words were sadly validated. In a local high school, three seniors declared it "No Gay Thursday" and during a "hazing" they raped a freshman male with a broomstick. This is exactly what all the heated, angry, fearful language and actions are leading to.

We must all rise up to bring this to a halt. Thanks again Christina Embree for your fantastic insights.

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