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Monday, March 28, 2016

Vote No to More "Boots on the Ground"

With the advent of the volunteer military force, our most hawkish politicians have been all too eager to send other people's young men and women into harm's way for causes that we have not won, nor for which we often have clearly defined goals. The talented men and women of the armed forces have been put into situations for which they were not well trained (occupation of unstable countries under dangerous political systems our society does not even understand). I find myself ever more suspicious of these warrior pols, especially those who have never been to battle themselves. I am extremely unhappy with a system where a small percentage of the country's people are off fighting wars while the rest of us go about our everyday lives like nothing is happening. We greatly devalue the service of these treasures of our country. We come to see the battles as just another day's news, quickly ignored or forgotten. Without skin in the game (and I'm not advocating a reinstatement of the draft as I too have talented young adult children I would not willingly surrender to the tender ministrations of hawkish politicians), we tend not to rise up against the next ill-conceived call to arms.

We grumble over the tab racked up from ill-advised wars. We get angry when companies profit so mightily from those war efforts. But, then we go back to what we were doing. This leads to a system where the children of people who have little option but to send their kids into the military are abused by saber rattlers who start a fight without any idea how to complete it. This leads to a system where veterans of unpopular engagements come back home injured and are largely ignored as somebody else's problem. All too many such wounded warriors end up on the streets homeless, which is a disgrace to their service and our nation. We have to be better than all this.

So, in an election year, any election year, don't vote for that eager candidate who is so interested in sending someone else's kids (other than their own or their friends) into harm's way. Vote against the candidate who is way too free and easy with calling for more "boots on the ground." We need a better way to deal with the dangerous people of this world. It will be a multi-pronged approach. It won't be simple. But it will lead to fewer flag-draped coffins coming home and fewer wounded warriors living alone on our city streets. That's worth fighting for.

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