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Monday, May 2, 2016

Kick Starting the Writing Habit Again

For a couple decades I wrote and edited books. I also wrote quite a few articles. However, since transitioning into my new field as a minister, I haven't had much time to write professionally. I was searching for a means to do so when a contest appeared in a Christian magazine I receive. It was a first person narrative piece focusing on a particular topic. Well, I've been in ministry long enough now to have a few stories and experiences relevant to the topic under my belt. I took on the project and found myself enjoying the process immensely. Now, truly, I don't care if I'm one of the published winners of this contest or not. I appreciated the opportunity to see if I could kick start the writing habit once again in a new field of endeavor.

Now, time to check out the possibilities and keep my creative juices flowing. I've taken my own advice. If you want to stick your toe into the waters of publication, new writers or returning writers, a contest is a great place to start. Having received an email acknowledging that my submission had arrived, I felt all the better about the process. Now, the old familiar waiting begins. 

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