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Monday, May 2, 2016

Mystery Cemetery Lights Explained

Eerie lights were seen emanating from among the tombstones in a rural Indiana cemetery late at night (11 pm to midnight) in late June of 2011. Intrepid exploration revealed the source of these ghostly emanations. Have you seen these mysterious lights in other cemeteries? Why are they there? Who do they guide?

By way of explanation, I've always gotten a kick out of ghost stories and been pretty amused by the ghost hunting shows where ghosts have been reduced to dust motes and mumbles on recorders (sad when back in the day you might see a ghostly army marching through the woods and other more significant manifestations). So, this is my little tip of the hat to ghost hunting. I have to say, on first glance, back when the sources of these small blue lights were far less common or well known, this scene was startling out in the countryside of rural Indiana. 

I really enjoyed a couple comments this generated on YouTube when originally posted that took the whole thing far more seriously than I did.

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