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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Pray and Act following Orlando Nightclub Massacre

NO to hatred, NO to propaganda, NO to evil in all its corrupt forms!!!
After the horrific massacre at the gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, by a man apparently steeped in a culture of violence and homophobia, with terrorist sympathies, we need to stop and pray. Pray for all the victims of this monstrous and obscene occurrence. Pray has a requirement few acknowledge. Once you've prayed for something, you need to put yourself into action to achieve the goal of that prayer. Pray for peace; become a peacemaker. Pray for an end to gun violence; become a advocate for gun control. You see how this works?

There are a lot of ways to go with this. We currently live in a culture steeped in fear and hatred. Hate speech is becoming part of everyday life, poisoning our society. Those who choose to spew hatred say they do not wish to be "politically correct." I'm sorry, keeping society from swimming in hate is not politically correct, it is humane, it is responsible, it is the grown up way to be. When politicians engage in hate speech, like the Lieutenant Governor of Texas saying the LGBTQ community sowed this and are reaping the results in death in Orlando, speak out loudly and strongly against this hatred trying to hide behind a faith it is perverting with such a misuse. When another politician uses the Psalms to call people to pray for the death of the president and his family, do not let that stand. When people speak out hatefully against those in the LGBTQ community, call them out on it. Especially when cable news networks are so incredibly irresponsible as to broadcast such hatred, really cry out against them. Refuse to have anything to do with media so perverted as to become a propaganda outlet for hate. Work for the ways of love, peace, and mutual understanding instead.

Call out all politicians and NRA officials who deliver the basest lies and spread fear in order to sell more guns. Demand change. Join groups that seek the CDC's freedom to research and suggest remedies to gun violence. Contest the ridiculous notion that anyone outside the military needs a semi automatic to protect their home, their family, or to hunt. No sport in hunting with such a weapon, which is designed to kill people, not hunt wildlife. What fool would actually discharge such a device within the confines of their own walls? The property damage would be outrageous. The notion that people and not guns kill if bizarre and twisted logic beyond measure. Hate addled people with guns, especially semi automatics have been empowered to kill people in large numbers in ways they would not be able to without access to such killing machines.

We need to pray and then get out from behind our screens and actually interact face to face in a civil manner. Discuss the issues, band together, work for peace, justice, and human rights. Become an organized community actively seeking a far more peaceful world.

If you seek immediately to help the victims of the Orlando massacre, you can go to the gofundme site set up for them and donate. You can donate blood as well.

Another route to take, especially if you live a sheltered life, is to get out and meet people very different from yourself. Get to know people of different orientations, of different religions, different nationalities, and even different political parties. Become familiar with them and stop fearing them. Stop seeing them as the dangerous "other" or the vile "them."  You might even become friends. Once that happens (it's knows as breaking bread with them in biblical terms), you'll have a much harder time accepting hateful propaganda spread about your new friends and you'll have a much easier time standing up for them.

Hate must not win. Hate must not pervert society any further than it already has. It will do so if good people fail to act and to speak out. Sitting on the sidelines, refusing to speak or to act, is no longer an option. Let's meet face to face and work for peace, for justice, for the oppressed, for minorities, for every bullied group, for all the world. Let's drive hatred back into the shadows and make sure it withers away there before it consumes us all.

Update: As of 11:42 p.m. I have emailed my senators and congressman asking for them to work on gun control legislation. It is one small first step in standing against the tide of hatred and murder awash in our country. More and better steps to come.

Update 2: See post for what I've done so far since:

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