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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Your Life Is Too Important to be Eaten Alive!

We live in a society that tells you over and over again that you are your work, your work is vitally important, and very little else if anything comes first. Go to a party and what do people ask? "What do you do for a living?" they ask, or some variation of that.

Well, if you let it, that attitude will allow your work to eat you alive. How do you know this is happening? It's a lot of little things combined. You start putting in longer and longer hours at the job. You begin to fret when you can't solve each and every problem everyone brings to you. You stop doing the things you love and replace those things with work. Family life, social life, and private down time suffer as work consumes you whole. If you take solace in writing, the writing stops. You convince yourself that caffeine is an adequate substitute for sleep.

It is something that is insidious. The increased work load gives you a false sense of importance and a correspondent bloating of the ego, In time your health begins to suffer, your mental and emotional resources wane as well ... and in time some major physical damage is done as the body demands the abuse ends (either temporarily with a hospital stay and some return to sanity or permanently).

It has been a near thing with this blogger my friends. I caught myself before the physical symptoms could take hold, but am now forcing myself to take the time for all that I enjoy and truly need (including books on disc during my commute to and from work instead of a diet of news), novels and favorite shows at home, purposeful downtime now jealously guarded, and adequate sleep at night (well, truth be told, I'm still working on that one).

So, take heed, please. Don't let your job eat you alive. Or your worries, your fears, or whatever else is taking every greater control of you each and every day. Pull yourself back from the brink, while there is still time.

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