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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Life Post 11/9: Insist on Truth

In the year and a half running up to the election and life post 11/9/16, the news organizations abandoned news, real news, in favor of D. Trump's latest tweets. They proved to be far more profitable than other stories and we ended up with one candidate receiving a ridiculous amount of air time. Now we hear the news folks pondering how they could have/should have done things differently. Phooey.

In recent days, we find that a great many Americans fell for fake news created by teens in foreign lands for a profit. Most of the stories were pro-Trump and anti-Clinton as those raked in the big bucks too. Stay away from those, folks. If you find a story stoking your personal ire or feeding your bias, be suspicious of the source.

Now, Trump lackeys are declaring we are in a "post-truth" age. I say, B.S. to that. No, now is the time to insist on the truth and to be skeptical. Hone your senses for B.S. and steer clear. Insist our politicians and news people work to uncover and deliver actual news, real facts, and not propaganda. We've live too long in the propaganda bubble and it has led us down a potentially incredibly harmful and destructive path.

Be particular in what you partake in with regards to all that is presented as news. This would be the time to pick up a reliable newspaper subscription actually. That retro source will serve you far better than anything on cable news. Steer clear of the truly partisan sources of information as they will be providing spun information of dubious quality. Steer absolutely clear of the most radical right and left publications as they have pretty well decided to go fact free.

We can insist on truth as best we understand it or we can allow our society and our lives to be distorted and freedoms stripped by the convenient lies of the moment. It is our choice. I choose to insist on truth ... even when I don't like the answers truth provides. 

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