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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

NASA Announces Discovery of 7 New Planets, 3 In ‘Habitable Zone’ | NBC News

NASA's news did not disappoint today, February 22, 2017. During the news conference, the exciting announcement was made that 7 earth-sized planets orbit a single star. Three are in that star's habitable zone. This is a red dwarf star, small and stable. If these planet's atmospheres survived the early phase of the red dwarf's life, when the stars are more volatile, then these planets have a good opportunity to develop life over a very long lifetime, longer than Earth will enjoy around our much larger sun. With this many earth-like planets around a single small star, the amount of habitable real estate and chances for intelligent life in our galaxy have just jumped immensely. This system, with planets close enough together they'd appear moon size from one planet's surface, reminds me of the inhabited solar system in the Sci-fi Western Firefly. The galaxy just got a lot more interesting.

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