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Monday, February 6, 2017

Taking a Facebook Break

I saw a title of an article on my Facebook feed that gave me the push I needed. It stated (didn't bother with the facts, went with my gut feeling based on my own experience) that if all the time we spent on social media were redirected, we could read 200 books in a year instead. As an avid book reader and person of limited time, I've decided to cut back deeply on my FB consumption rate. I want to get at least a few extra books read this year. I've found FB and other social media (yes, I see the irony here) all too alluring, especially as I've set up a great many useful news feeds (actual news, not fake news, not alternative facts) on my page. That little red circle with the number in it telling me I may have responses to something I've said has become too much the siren song leading to rocky shoals of many lost hours scanning and getting increasingly angry. Comments sections are far too acid, too toxic for my taste. Bitter is not my favorite flavor.

So, for a time, if my resolve holds, FB will have to carry on largely without me. I have books to read, a great outdoors to explore, and a body and actual physically present people to reconnect with.

I'll be here from time to time to let anyone curious enough to check in know what I find beyond the screen. Who know, I may see you out on the streets.

Take care.

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