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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Adventures in Fitness 23: One Guy's Attempt (Yet Again) To Knock the Rust Off; Try, Try Again!

Confession time: there are two things that keep me from fitness success and I've been trying long enough to figure it out for myself. The two are rivals in terms of which one is the greater culprit.

1. A compromised immune system: I'm a life-long asthmatic and I tend to get sick roughly quarterly throughout the year. Each sickness tends to linger. With that impediment, it's hard to maintain an exercise routine and cling to results gained during periods of good health. If anyone has a workaround for this problem, let me know.

2. Like many ministers, I spend more time caring for others than for myself. This is a huge error, as I have now learned in my first years in ministry (third career, and with God's help final one). I will have to spend more time in self-care if I'm to be of use to others, both in family and congregation.

So, that said, excuses aside, I've returned to the gym after far too long. One very useful thing I've picked up from years of on-again, off-again exercise is that some things stick with you. Like, for instance, when you're starting a routine you no longer listen to the fake news coming from your body telling you how hard this is, how uncomfortable your lungs, heart, muscles are, and keep going. In five minutes or so, as I've learned over and over again, those reports fade and cease when they are ignored. Could that be a life-lesson for us all? I think it is for me.

So, back to the gym and time to figure out how to make this at least a three times a week effort to maximize the time when I'm healthy and possibly extend that time.

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