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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Adventures in Fitness 24: One Guy's (Renewed) Attempt to Knock the Rust Off: Benefits of First Week

No doubt I'm repeating myself, but it's been far too long, so here goes. Made it to the gym three times this week and was impressed with the results. The speed maintained on the elliptical machine increased significantly (for me), it took markedly longer for my heart rate to reach the maximum aimed for, and my body provided some fake news suggesting my heart might be feeling the strain. I looked at the heart rate monitor during that period, and it actually decreased slightly (uh huh, tell me another tall tale body). This was right before the body gave up and just fell into rhythm for the rest of the run and enjoyed itself.

The benefits of the first week were an end to lower back pain (souvenir of my first career in archaeology), general limberness, a feeling of well being, and greater confidence. These are all great reasons to continue. I hope I remember them well when the typical entropy sets in at the end of a work day. Oh yeah, and if your muscles ache after the first week (ache now, not scream with probably did something wrong there, tore something, and really should get that checked out, it's probably not bodily fake news), that's good. Muscle mass builds when muscles are torn down and rebuilt ... and that aches.

Good luck to you if you're in the same boat. Keep moving. See you at the gym.

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