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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Collectibe History: Souvenir of NASA's Gemini Space Missions

Liftoff of Gemini III
Photo Courtesy of NASA
I dug up this little key chain with a Gemini command module at the end. It's a souvenir of the manned space program NASA referred to as the bridge to the moon. The Mercury program proved Americans could be lifted into space and returned home alive in a one man module. Gemini was the test bed for a great many technologies that would allow Apollo missions to succeed in getting humans safely onto the surface of the moon and back home again. The Gemini program ran from 1962 to 1966, with major manned flights in 1965-66. Ten crews of two men flew in those two action-packed years. The first American spacewalk was conducted from a Gemini capsule. The Gemini 10 mission proved two objects could dock in space and use one engine to move together in the same direction (important if you want to the the Lunar Module to the moon later on in Apollo). So, it's an interesting little souvenir of an important step in spaceflight, one I've overlooked for many years. 

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