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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Life Post 11/9: NPR's Indivisible and Attempt to Get Divided Nation Talking

Since the election of Donald J. Trump, a new radio show has cropped up on NPR, called Indivisible. It is an attempt to get an oh-so-divided America to check out what we share in common as well as what divides us. In a recent episode I listened to a conservative Southern reporter tell the host how what liberals and conservatives tick off as negatives about each other are largely, if not entirely, the same list of faults. So, perhaps, we aren't so different after all. We are all people. We all have basic needs to be met, the healthy among us love our families and wish nobody in particular ill (outside of those seeking to actively harm us or our families ... these broad statements always come with caveats). Perhaps, if we choose to listen less to politicians, pundits, and social media comments sections, we might discover more of us could actually get along and not dismiss each other out of hand because we wear a red trucker cap or don't. Could that be?

It seems this might be the case. We certainly did unite (or many of us did) in our anger over how United (oh the irony in that name) Airlines treated a paying customer ... and explained their bizarre treatment to the legalism of our contract says we can. We were able to come together over that moment and, in a united from that no political divide seemed to blunt, drive down the airline's stock price significantly over night and force the CEO to a quick and more complete apology than he at first felt needed to be made.

If we were to get past all the divides thrown up in our faces by forces seeking to control us, who knows what we as the public might accomplish. This could be a really good thing coming post 11/9/16. Time will tell.

If you want to hear Indivisible, check it out at

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