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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

SpaceX Falcon 9 launches and lands first-ever reusable rocket 03.30.2017

 Dang, the things that happen when you take a blogging break! History has been made in a big way. Once again science fiction and science shake hands as SpaceX (spoiler alert) successfully reuses a Falcon 9 rocket. The refurbished rocket successfully flew and landed on the SpaceX drone barge. With that feat accomplished, SpaceX is revolutionizing space flight. Reusable rockets will make spaceflight cheaper as each rocket no longer needs to be a unique, one use vehicle. Further, having the opportunity to recover the rocket and see how the stresses of flight on all the components compare with the hypothesized projections is invaluable data allowing SpaceX to improve upon the rocket design with each use. This was a great day for spaceflight. It is most impressive that it is coming from a private company. I look forward to seeing where this will be headed in the future.

As a follow up note: as someone who grew up with the American space program, I had always wanted to see what happened from the spacecraft's point of view. The new cameras today make that wish come true and I find that thrilling!

P.S. Oh, the suspense, at 9:24!

Okay Elon Musk and SpaceX, now let's see you get all the rocket stages reusable! 

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