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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Downingtown Diner: Home of the Blob!!!

I am superstitiously hesitant to review restaurants of any sort anymore. I review them, they cease to exist. The even tore down the building one of them was in. Well, here's one site with staying power, even if it has gone through multiple owners. The Downingtown, Pennsylvania, Diner is not only the site of one of the scenes from the original movie The Blob of the late 1950s, but it is also the site of excellent diner food.

I had the happy opportunity to eat there the other night. I gave them a little test I give all diners. I ordered the open-faced turkey sandwich (hot) with mashed potatoes and gravy (they didn't ask if I wanted the gravy over everything, which I hold in their favor). If that meal is good, the diner is good in my books. It was terrific, really terrific. I was out with four people, all who ordered different items off the menu, and all of them left happy.

Nobody in our group ran into the blob, so it was an all around terrific experience. The waitress didn't have to write down a single order item and got none of them wrong. When asked about her impressive memory, her response was, "I have a great short term memory ... until I don't." Well, she had a great short term memory with our orders.

The look of the place is great, both inside and out. The neon lit in the evenings is fantastic and since the place is open all night, it's gorgeous to look at even in the wee hours. I understand from a reliable source that their breakfast items are wonderful too. I'll have to head back in the early morning some Saturday and check that out.

Finally, it didn't take long to notice that the diner had regulars, mostly sitting at the counter on the stools ... as any good diner should. Try it out sometime. I don't think you'll be disappointed. And if you are one of those contrarian types who complain just to be ornery, well, "be careful of the blob!"

If you want a little Blob history of the site, I recommend:

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