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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Healthcare Vote in US House Today, 5/4/17

Whether you support the ACA or want it repealed, let your representative know how you feel today. Today the House is set to vote yet again to end the Affordable Care Act. On this May the 4th Be With You kind of day, give our representatives a forceful example of public opinion in the next few hours.

Now I tip my hand, they are planning to end coverage for 24 million or more people over 10 years. They will ghettoize preexisting condition people in expensive high risk pools that will probably be too expensive for afford. I wonder what else is being stripped away to get the agreement of the most conservative Republicans to support it. I find this morally bankrupt and reprehensible for the supposedly most powerful, wealthiest nation on earth. We will long be remembered for how we did or didn't care for the least and most helpless among us, many of whom are children. So, wherever you stand, deluge your representatives today. Let them know how you feel. We are powerful when we are united.

Here's a link to reaching your representative:

To reach your US senator, should this bill pass, follow this link:

If you need to see an example of the morally bankrupt attitude some well-to-do legislators have, see this and other articles about Rep. Roger Marshall. (R. Kansas). Let him know how you feel about this as well:

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