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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Hobby Time: Gloor Craft N Scale Train Shed Missing Pieces

For just a bit the other day, I thought my surviving wood model from the now believed to be defunct Gloor Craft modeling company was doomed. I was spreading the pieces out, ready to conduct inventory and prepare to paint what needed painted (a really pleasurable process that brings the kit to life in stages) when I discovered at least one wooden piece was missing, lost to the sands of time.

At first, I was quite disappointed. It was sad that a kit that had traveled decades in time could not be built. Then I thought about it some more, realized the pieces were glorified balsa wood, checked with a local hobby shop, and sure enough, they sell balsa wood sets, including pieces as thin as those in the kit. The missing wall section was a back wall, so the scored faux boards were not essential. I picked up the lumber, cut the necessary piece, using its opposite number as my model, took a sharp hobby knife, my cutting board, sandpaper, and before long I had a serviceable wall section ready to go.

I realized, this is all about what you can build, how creative you can be, and there is simply no need to let something go without attempting to improvise.

See the little office building attachment?
The missing wall was the back wall, out of the picture.
So, why not improvise?

It's a good life lesson. Amazing what you can pick up while "hobbying."

For the original post about the rediscovery of this old kit, see:

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