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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Machine Rebellion: Rise of the Mind

Little did I know when I headed out the door that my computers were conspiring against me. I had a quick mission to execute, materials to deliver to a college campus 20 minutes from home. Hauled out the trusty Garmin, plugged in the address, and NOTHING. It didn't know the street on campus.

That's when my mind roused itself.

You see, when I plug something into the Garmin and follow, my brain just trusts the computer and its satellite uplink, and thinks of other things. Little did I know, my mind had just been waiting for a chance.

When Garmin twice refused me, my mind spoke up. I know college campuses. I know this college. I know college layouts and something called "University Drive" has to be a main drag. You want an administration building, so that has to be on the main quad, right? Come on, man, we can do this without the machine. Give me a shot.

I agreed and off we went. I was started to notice how much more observant I was. I wasn't going through the motions with plots and schemes of other things in mind. I was actually looking at and seeing what was going by, noting streets and route options, actually planning next moves.

Lord, I remember what this feels like, I thought. It feels good!

We got down to campus, found "University Avenue" right where my mind thought it would be (well done, buddy). I actually felt a weird sense of accomplishment, knowing that "ancient knowledge" in the wet-wear was still viable, useful, and could still be retrieved (nice thing about having one operating system your whole life, even with myriad updates).

So, found a parking space, and then fell back on modern habits. Pulled out my phone (glad I didn't think of it earlier ... hey, Mind, did you have something to do with that? Stop snickering, nobody likes a gloater), and figured I'd use it's GPS system to find the building. Pulled it out, spoke to the system, the map started coming up, showing my destination, my location, had yet to pull up a route, AND ... died. The battery hadn't been charged.

Mind cheered and shouldered forward screaming ancient knowledge again. Look, Mind said, there's a really pretty, nineteenth century building across the street. In some campuses, such hallowed halls are administration buildings. We went across the street and discovered ... nope, fancy building of ages past, vine covered and hallowed, was filled with concert halls. Okay, mind said, undeterred. So, if not fancy, look for modern and ugly, utilitarian even. Head swiveled, Mind a-ha-ed, and right back across the street was a modern structure. Sure enough, the address was on the side, big and bold. Went inside and Mind said, "Wait a minute. Way too pretty on this floor." Sure enough, the first floor was the math department. "Go down the hall and look for another sign," Mind stated with growing assurance.

Yep, at the far end of the floor was a sign pointing down to the basement with the appropriate administrative department listed on it.

Mind is going to be insufferable now, having tasted freedom. Mind's going to want to pitch in and navigate, pulling me away from my machines and back into interaction with the world. I'm going to have to let Mind have Mind's way ... or Mind's just going to be insufferable. Frankly, it felt way too good using Mind again to bludgeon Mind back to sleep with my computers. I just can't do that to the little guy. 

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