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Monday, June 26, 2017

Recycling an Old TV

Where old TVs, monitors, and computers go for recycling. Ours is the gray and black
JVC near the lower left. It was one of the smaller sets there.
Our old TV, a JVC with a big tube that had been set aside as a video game monitor for the past few years, finally gave up the ghost. In the state where I live, TVs can't be put out with the garbage anymore. Now by law, manufacturers who sell short-lived electronics such as computers, monitors and TVs have to agree to recycle them at the end of their lives.

To make this happen, these "covered devices" are gathered up in a side area at the landfill (outside another town about 25 minutes away from where I live) where they are placed on pallets, wrapped in plastic, and shipped to wherever the work to be done is done. It was an interesting process for me. The landfill itself is a huge facility rising like a small mountain on the far side of town from my direction of travel. Driving into the property, signs guide one to the "weigh master" who politely asks where you live and what you're bringing in (some items require a fee). I was sent up the hill and off to one side where the TVs and monitors were gathered. Up the hill a little further, the pallet mounted and wrapped electronics were gathered awaiting shipment.

The place was so huge, I never caught sight or heard any of the operation associated directly with the landfill itself. It was an interesting experience. Hopefully the flat screen we have today will not have to make that journey for some years to come.

I thank my wife who came along for the ride and helped lug the set both to the car and out onto the pavement.

If you're curious, here's how Pennsylvania handles the issue:

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