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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

SpaceX Falcon 9 launches Iridium-2 & Falcon 9 first stage landing, 25 Ju...

This never gets old for me. SpaceX launches two sets of satellites for Iridium, twenty of the 75 satellites for a network. The first stage lands in iffy conditions in the Pacific Ocean on the "Just Read the Instructions" drone. This is two reused rockets launched and landed (with payloads successfully delivered) by one company in one weekend. This is a significant proof of concept for Elon Musk and company's idea of reusable reliable rocketry done far less expensively. Well done, SpaceX. Now get that crew module test out beyond the moon done in 2018!

To see the first launch of the weekend and its suspenseful first stage landing, see:

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