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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Collectible History: Ringling Brothers 1970 Ads

4 Posters For You For Only $3.98
For those who find clowns unsettling, this guy
might not help. Clown or Joker? Either way,
he's offering posters.
One last posting from the 1970 Souvenir Program for the greatest show on earth. Here are some of the ads that helped pay for this pricey color souvenir. A couple of them may look peculiar 47 (or more depending on when you see this) years later. "Friendly skies" huh?
That's a lot of candy. 39 cents for 10 bars or
a box of 6 - 5 cent bars

The Friendly Skies of United 1970
Nice Corvette from 1970
To see some of the named performers found in this program, go to:

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