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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Geese: Forces of Nature Not To Be Denied!

This is just the beginning of the parade. The crossing went on for minutes.
Driving in to work recently, four lanes of traffic ground to a halt. A large gaggle of geese crossed the lanes and the center divide, totally nonplussed by our impatience and our technology. Our busy days, our precious schedules, our rat race paused by nature. Here's a quote: 

“A row of daffodils and red tulips nestled against the walkway beneath my feet. Stray weeds peeked up through the cracks in the concrete, a reminder that that nature had the final say. No matter how much mankind bulldozed or built, all was vulnerable to Mother Nature's whims.”
― Pamela Crane, A Secondhand Life*
(*Thanks to Good Reads for this) 

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