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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Halloween: July 15, 2017

July 15, 2017, I kid you not!
What do you suppose is the world's record for the earliest Halloween candy display? Well, walking into the local Acme today, I was hit with a case of time dislocation vertigo. There before me was the Halloween candy display you see here. I had to remind myself that this is mid-July, not mid-October. For just a second I was both confused and panicked. I thought for just a second I was way behind in my Halloween prep. Then I remembered the 87 degree heat right outside the sliding doors I'd just entered and my confusion and panic turned to incredulity. Really?!?

And what I might ask is the purpose of putting out Halloween candy in mid-July (I know, to turn a profit, but other than that)? Do people really stock up this early for the coming season of trick-or-treaters and jack o'lanterns? Is this just another sneaky way to fatten us all up on sugar and corn syrup? Or are the aliens ready to "Serve Man" close at hand?

Can Christmas and Hannukah displays be far behind?

Here's an NPR article from 2011 that explains the trend:

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