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Monday, July 17, 2017

Hobby Time: N Scale RR Makes a Leap Forward

This is a simple little demonstration that track that sat idle for years on a hollow core door for many years still works. Minor repairs were required. I am impressed by the durability of a model railroad scale that when I was growing up was considered little more than a toy. However, with limited living space and discretionary funds, N Scale proves perfect as a distraction from the stresses of my demanding work life.

For me, the biggest victory was finding that Bachmann N Scale Norfolk & Western passenger engine, which requires 15" curves at least, navigated the old curves smoothly after cleaning and minor repairs. I've looked over the old stock and will make some purchases soon to complete a basic layout. You see, it's the modeling that fascinates me most. It's rewarding the create the track and see the trains successfully navigate one's handiwork, but for me creating a detailed town holds far greater attractions. We'll see how it all turns out.

A really big step in the right direction was finding via Model Railroad TV a layout bench that would support the door layout. Having put a lip around the edge of the door, I was able to fit the benchwork smoothly inside the lip. With the weight of that door layout top, the layout fits snugly and firmly to the benchwork without needing any additional fasteners of any sort.

It has also been instructional to place the models completed on the bare layout surface for a sense of scale. I now have a much better understanding of what will be visible and, as importantly, what will not, to the average viewer. That's really good to know!

Small steps, but so far all in the right directions.

P.S. I often wondered why model railroaders made these films of running engines. Having successfully created a track and gotten engines to run along the track smoothly, I now get it.

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