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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Hobby Time: Weathering the Boiler House with Pastels

I have returned to the Pola Boiler House model which I use to experiment with various techniques. I rediscovered an old set of Earth Tone Pastels I had from years before. I decided to try a dry brush weathering technique with ground pastels. I shaved some fine power off the ends of a black and rust colored pastel sticks and got to work. I had seen rusting on vents like these before on the weather side. They improve the look of these plastic pieces quite a bit. I used black on both roofs, which I believe improved their appearance markedly, and along the wall with the coal heap. I liked the results. However, I'll need to work with a finer brush to get the runoff along the one side wall windowsill to look more realistic. Now it's too heavy. The nice thing about working with these pastels is you can keep brushing and thin out the results.

Roof before pastel weathering
Roof after pastel weathering and rust

However, remember, working in N Scale, people will not be seeing the work from too close up. Your work will need to be a little bolder, more exaggerated, to be seen, much like what is done for a theater production, I have often thought.

I'd encourage modelers to experiment with this technique and see what happens. I like the look, and will like it better when I get a better hand at this. Experiment until you're happy with the results. After all, it's your model and in this case it's my railroad. One interesting thing about this hobby is now when I'm out I'm making mental note of various architectural and town details that I see. That keeps things lively. Happy modeling. 

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