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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Stopped by Flowers

I have a week off. It's a stay-cation for reasons too complicated to bother with. I was that guy out in the yard mowing the front lawn like a maniac in the morning during a heat wave. It couldn't be helped, I told myself. Rain is coming tonight and by Saturday, when the weather clears, the lawn will be a jungle. So, out I went to mow, wondering what either heat exhaustion or a heart attack was going to feel like. I swung around to the side of the house and my progress was arrested by the simple beauty of the day lily and its cone flower buddies growing together along the fence line. All else was forgotten for a few minutes while I took pictures with my phone.

Beauty will creep up on us at the most unexpected moments. I'm glad it does.

The front lawn is done, the air conditioner is running inside, and I've got souvenirs of this morning's beauty. Life is good.

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