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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Conspiracy Theory: When Search Engine Hits Dropped

I say this tongue in cheek, and yet ... after posting my experience and video in the 1000 Ministers March for Justice on August 28, 2017, the number of hits this blog site received dropped dramatically, even for this modest operation. Is something nefarious afoot? Is the current administration so thin skinned that participants in a peaceful march against current unjust policies brings about an overreaching, irrational response. Prior to the Trump administration and their actions, I would never have entertained such a thing (although during the W. Bush administration I would have felt compelled to add "I support the troops" to anything I said). Now, I'm not entirely sure. Could it be? It would explain a lot.

P.S. Oh, yes, I almost forgot. During this period, views from the US dropped sharply, and those from RUSSIA* increased dramatically to first place. Coincidence??? The work of Trump??? I wonder!

*Honestly, Russian readers, glad you're here ... but given our current politics and the Trump/Russia investigation, this was too good to pass up! 

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