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Friday, September 1, 2017

Hobby Time: N Scale Autos Wrapped in Nostalgia

I was recently given a couple of N Scale cars by my father, who models in the larger HO scale. The cars harken back to the 1930s, a little early for me (although 1950s-60s hotrods are a possibility for these), but the stickers on the front took me back. These came from the Hobby Hutch, the local hobby shop, hobby hangout, whatever you want to call it, in McLean, Virginia, owned by Gary (don't recall his last name but know someone who might be able to fill in a few details). This was the place you could get any plastic model you wanted from World War II to the starship Enterprise (TOS of course), and everything in between (monster models, gruesome guillotines, hot rods, sailing ships, tanks, cutaway nuclear subs, you know, everything). Plus all the stuff it took to build and paint them. Obviously they had some model railroad stock as well. My dad had helped Gary when it was time to close the shop when the onslaught of the big box stores became too much and bought out a lot of railroad stock, including these two cars. Now I have them, great reminders of a shop where I hung out when I was growing up in McLean. Funny what happens when you start a hobby! 

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