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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Turkey Run State Park, Indiana: 1

This bridge looks like it leads into an ancient, primitive landscape.


Turkey Run State Park is well worth the visit. It is a remnant of Indiana's early prehistory. The water sculpted sandstone dates back 600,000 to 300,000 years ago. It is worth the trip to be among towering trees, listen to the sound of running water over rock, and the sounds of bird in the trees and woodpeckers rapping away at trees. Some of the trails are challenging, not for small children or those who are wobbly on their feet. Turkey Run survives, a very small remnant of the distant past far south of the rest as can be seen on this map, at least in part by being too rocky, with too much sculpted rock, to be farmable property. Farms surround the park, but nobody farms within its bounds. 

A variety of landscapes are found within the park and the trails range from the simple and flat to the challenging featuring rugged climbs over rocks and seemingly endless staircases. 
See the small square of green in Indiana, far south of the rest of
the ancient forest?
Sugar Creek, popular canoeing waterway flowing beneath the bridge
Water carved rock everywhere ...

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