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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Welcome to 50th Birthday of TV's Animated Spider-Man and George of the Jungle: GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE CARTOON INTRO.

Ah yes, damn fine viewing for a 7 year old 50 years ago this month! Animated Spider-Man and George of the Jungle (plus Super Chicken and Tom Swift). George was brought to us by two maniacs from Rocky and Bullwinkle and molded our young minds with satire. It didn't last a season, but lived on in syndication forever. Spider-Man joined my young pantheon of superheroic icons with Superman (first introduced to, Great Caesar's Ghost) and Batman ('60s groovy Batman that is). Both series had memorable, fast paced theme songs you just can't forget once you hear them. Imagine being hopped up on sugary cereal on Saturday morning and getting those themes hopping in your young skull. No wonder so many moms pitched so many kids out the door after the morning hyperactivity inducing TV themes to burn off the sugar in the community and NOT to come home until lunch.

Spider-Man Animated Series theme (50 years ago):

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