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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Closing Out 2017 with Beauty

We were visiting family in the mountains for Christmas. It snowed Friday and Saturday morning before we left, cautiously, by car, for home. We managed to put aside the worry over the drive ahead (which turned out just fine) and, instead, enjoyed the beauty of the snow-covered world around us.

It's a great way to ring out the old year, surrounded by white draped, sparkling beauty. It's a wonderful reminder for 2018 to pause and enjoy the moments of beauty and joy as they present themselves. It would be all too easy to be overwhelmed and embittered by the disaster and the strife ahead. So much better to be buoyed through it all by the moments of beauty and joy we are gifted with as we move forward.

Wishing you all the joy you can stand in 2018. Peace be with you. 

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