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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Wishing Us All a Little Weirdness in 2018

I hope you all find moments that bring you to a stop because they are just plain weird. I hope we all have those little incidents that leave us trying to put some sort of coherent story around something out of place or some experience out of the norm.

I was out with my new phone camera, checking out what it could do, when I was stopped a couple of times in the same day. (It's an iPhone 7 if anyone cares and the camera does a pretty good job, I have to say.) I headed over to a local cemetery where two beautiful trees were in full fall color so I could get shots of them for my wife, who loves those trees. Under one of them was this little hand demanding my attention, symbolizing for me the need to stop and take note. I did, and snapped this shot.

Later, walking down a local hiking trail, minding my own business, I noticed an older woman in the distance nudging something with a walking stick. She and her companion left, and when I got to the place that had held her attention, I found these little girl's shoes, which the woman with the walking stick had neatened up on the path. Instantly, my mind wanted the story behind the shoes, and really wanted that story to be benign. I hope they were kicked off unnoticed by a little girl in a stroller. I want the story to be that simple and that safe. That image sure did bring me to a halt.

So, I hope 2018 will find you puzzling over weirdness right along with me. After all, it beats fretting about politics!

Speaking of weirdness, try this:

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