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Monday, March 19, 2018

Hobby Time: Wiring Complete

Last pictures until I have something really new to show. The wiring is now complete. This provides more satisfaction than I thought it would. Then again, I rarely do much wiring. The process is fascinating. You think you are doing one thing ... but that one thing is full of countless decisions you have not actually anticipated (in my case I've been around long enough and done enough DIY repair around the house to have all the tools required). For instance, how to corral all those wires once they are in place. Where do they go? Over the surface of the control board or beneath it. How are they held in place, wiring staples or cable organizers (I went with cable organizers and ended up using more than I had imagined. Now everything works and is squared away. As you can see, at least one old control unit (blue) will need replaced. It is an easy matter with this system.

For now, old fashioned straightforward wiring is working just fine. I don't see the wireless system in my immediate future. For now, lots of landscaping and modeling work to do. Lots more decisions to make. It will all begin with track tweaking and graveling. Onward! A whole lot more time spent not worrying about work, politics, the future, etc., etc. Wishing you all luck in your hobbying endeavors.

For more detail on the wiring, see: and Watch it evolve.

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