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Saturday, April 14, 2018

New Adventure: Live Stream Bible Study

We are told to learn new things, try new things, and to have no fear of failure.

So, I'm going to boldly go into the land of live streaming on YouTube. Why YouTube? Because I have a channel there (created for other reasons originally).

How do you do that?

You state your intention to live stream to YouTube and they either agree you should or tell you you can't for a variety of reasons. Within 24 hours, I learned that I could. Then things got interesting. You can't just go to the Creator Studio, hit Live Stream, and go. I discovered I needed a program called an encoder. I found OBS was free. That caught my eye. I downloaded it and was stumped by a key it asked for. By then it was late, so I left that off until the next day.

Then I remembered how a friend in seminary was always saving money repairing his car himself. He did it by watching YouTube "how to" videos. Sure enough, there are brilliant how to videos on You Tube about how to get that key number and start live streaming. I paused the video many times (it was only 6 minutes long) to make sure I was correct in each step.

When finished, I was able to make two private experimental videos that actually worked. Two more videos and I had the OBS system formatted properly for my needs (I'm not playing games via computer).

At this point, I have enough to use my volunteers to see if they can find the live stream at the appropriate time and communicate with me on the Top Chat section. If that goes well, we're ready to run.

As one wise volunteer said, "It doesn't have to be perfect to start. We'll walk toward perfection together." Too true ... to be sure, it will be a long walk.

Still, new adventure begun. Learning lots. Still need to pick a title for an evening Bible study people can join from their own kitchen with tea or coffee, that will be recorded and others can watch later, plus will provide much in the way of application to the modern day. Hmmm. Suggestions, anyone? First Bible study will be the book of Esther, the Game of Thornes of the Old Testament. Life lessons will be learned and applied.

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